Powers and abilities

He can control toys
make himself a toy

First Appearance

Dangerous Currency, Part 2

Last Appearance

Dangerous Currency, Part 3

Quackerjack is one of Darkwing Duck's Enemies. He is also Megavolt's Best Friend. He was once a respected toymaker but the popularity of Video Games drove him out of the business. Ever since then he turned to crime. Sometimes he works by himself or with Megavolt or with The Fearsome Five. In recent comic books Quackerjack and the rest of his friends cut their ties with Nega Duck. In fact Quackerjack goes berserk every time he hears Nega Duck's Name. He is voiced by Michael Bell.

Ducktales/Drakwing Duck Comics 2011Edit

He got turned into a toy but he got restored in the story Dangerous Currency when he and the rest of the Fearsome Four are aligned with The League of Eve-il,The Phantom Blot and The Beagle Boys. Quackerjack and the rest of the fearsome four got defeated by Darkwing just before Nega Duck showed up. Quackerjack is the Leader of the Fearsome Four.

Slime effectEdit

For his slime powered up counterpart look at the article Super Quackerjack.