Nega Duck
Nega Duck is freed from his prison.




The Evil Darkwing, The Slime

Powers and abilities

Slime manipulator, all Slime effects (possibly)

First Appearance

Dangerous Currency, Part 3

Last Appearance

Dangerous Currency, Part 4

Nega Duck is the evil counterpart of Darkwing Duck.. Eventually it was revealed that he was from the alternate universe known as the Negaverse. Nega Duck has committed lots of crimes in St Canard. Sometimes he appeared as the leader of The Fearsome Five. Of Course Nega Duck is known to be the most villainous character in the Darkwing Duck Universe. He is also voiced by Jim Cummings like Darkwing Duck, but in a deeper voice.

Darkwing Duck Comics 2011Edit

In the modern Darkwing Duck comics The rest of the Fearsome Five cut their ties with Nega Duck. In Crisis on Infinite Darkwings he teams up with Magica De Spell to bring alternate versions of Darkwing and use them to take over St Canard. After he gets defeated Nega Duck gets sent to an alternate version of St Canard which is a wasteland to him.

Ducktales/Drakwing Duck Comics 2011Edit

In the Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck crossover Dangerous Currency it is revealed that he is joined by Morgana Macawber and when Darkwing rescues her he comes out and takes over the operation from Magica De Spell and The Phantom Blot. He even tells The Blot that Magica has been using him. When Darkwing tells Nega Duck that he doesn't allow himself to have friends he gets sucked up with all the other villains in the portal which leads him back to the Wasteland.

Slime Nega DuckEdit

For his fusion with the Shadow Slime read the article Slime Nega Duck.


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