Morgana Macawber
Morgana is freed from Wasteland



Love interest

Darkwing Duck

First Appearance

Dangerous Currency, Part 3

Last Appearance

Dangerous Currency, Part 4


Good (previously Evil)

Morgana Macawber is Darkwing Duck's beautiful girlfriend. She used to be a criminal but she is a reformed sorceress. She appeared in many episodes of Darkwing Duck and she also appeared in many comics. She is voiced by Kath Soucie.

Ducktales/Drakwing Duck Comics 2011Edit

She most recently appeared in Dangerous Currency when She appeared in a portal with Nega Duck. Darkwing rescued her. She mentioned putting a spell on him when Darkwing hits him with the truth he and the other villains get sucked in a portal.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like Magica, Morgana is a powerful sorceress who possesses many magical abilities such as

  • Energy beams
  • Spell casting
  • Flight
  • The power to conjure and transmute matter on a sub-molecular level

Spells used by MorganaEdit

Truth Spell on Nega Duck (secretly).