The Liquidator is one of Darkwing's Enemies. He was once a bottled water salesman named Bud Flood but he got greedy and posioned one of his competitor's products. He fell into a vat of contaminated water and became The Liquidator. Sometimes The Liquidator appears as a member of the Fearsome Five. In recent comics The Liquidator and his friends Megavolt, Bushroot, and Quackerjack cut their ties with Nega Duck. He is voiced by Jack Angel.

Ducktales/Drakwing Duck Comics 2011Edit

In Dangerous Currency The Fearsome Four aligned themselves with The League of Eve-il (Magica De Spell Ammonia Pine Cinnamon Teal and Camille the Chameleon) The Phantom Blot and The Beagle Boys. Of Course The Liquidator and his friends got defeated by Darkwing before Nega Duck came Back.

Slime effectEdit

For his slime powered up counterpart look at the article Super Liquidator.