Launchpad McQuack

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Loyal, clumsy, kind, brave


Pilot, Darkwing Duck's sidekick


Duckburg, later St. Canard


Ripcord (father), Birdie (mother), Loopy (sister)

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First Appearance

Many Happy Returns

Last Appearance

Dangerous Currency, Part 4

Launchpad McQuack first appeared as Scrooge McDuck's pilot in the DuckTales cartoon series. He later appeared in the spin-off series Darkwing Duck as Darkwing's sidekick. He is usually depicted as brave, good-hearted, and incredibly dim-witted. While a skillful pilot, he is very bad at landing and almost always crashes instead but, to his credit, he and his passengers always survive such crashes, and he takes a strange sort of pride in being able to crash any imaginable aircraft ("If it's got wings, I can crash it!" he has proudly proclaimed). In one episode, he has a checkbook of all the vehicles he has crashed (including a submarine). He was voiced by Terry McGovern. The character sometimes appears in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom and Disney's Animal Kingdom for meet-and-greets, though his appearances have been rarer since the Disney Afternoon cartoon block ended production. He was to be the original star of TaleSpin.

Ducktales TV SeriesEdit

In DuckTales, Launchpad acted as Scrooge McDuck's personal pilot. His imposing physical stature meant that he sometimes acted as a bodyguard for Scrooge as well, though his role was later taken over by Gizmoduck. In earlier episodes, he is idolized as a hero by Huey, Dewey, and Louie's friend Doofus. In later episodes he appears less frequently. Often when a DuckTales story adapted an original Carl Barks story, Launchpad would be used as a stand-in for Donald. While Launchpad never argued with Scrooge the way Donald might, he would often end up in Donald's role as physical laborer or man of action. Launchpad was the subject of several episodes devoted to exploring his character in more detail, including one that explains how he came to work for Scrooge McDuck. Launchpad has a protege named Doofus Drake who looks up to him.

Launchpad's relatives include his father Ripchord, his mother Birdy, and his sister Loopy.

Later, when Launchpad quit working for Scrooge he had a hanger somewhere between Duckburg and St Canard. He met Darkwing Duck. After Launchpad was accepted as Darkwing's sidekick he moved in with Darkwing's normal alter ego Drake Mallard and his adopted daughter Gosalyn. Launchpad is a little more timid when he helps Darkwing on a case. Launchpad is sometimes a member of The Justice Ducks.

In the modern Darkwing Duck Comics Scrooge appointed him CEO of Quackwerks after Darkwing defeated Taurus Bulba. He once tried to run for mayor against Darkwing. In Dangerous Currency Launchpad thought he would have to choose between Scrooge and Darkwing but they got along pretty well in the end so he didn't have to worry about choosing between them.

Whether he works for Scrooge or Darkwing Launchpad is loyal to the very end. When he crashes his planes his passengers never get hurt.

Ducktales/Darkwimg Duck Comics 2011Edit

Launchpad helps Scrooge at his quest of returning his artifacts to their original location so he can win the bet which has made with Rockerduck! As we know he is Scrooge's pilot and at the story Many Happy Returns he agrees with the children that returning staff is good and tries to persuide Mr McDee to return his artifacts.

DuckTales: RemasteredEdit

Launchpad is a supporting character in DuckTales: Remastered! as well as the original NES version of the game. Finding Launchpad in game allows the player to exit the current level and return to the level select screen.


Launchpad like he appears in the game!


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