Gyro Gearloose





Other names

Dr. G




Li'l Helper (Globos)


Emil Eagle, the Beagle Boys, Magica De Spell, Flintheart Glomgold

First Appearance

Danger rides on Dark wings

Last Appearance

Dangerous Currency, Part 4

He is an invetor. He first appeared in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #140 featuring Donald Duck in Gladstone's Terrible Secret. Ever since then he has been a prominent part of the Disney Duck Universe. Gyro's inventions don't always work the way he wants them to but he means well. Gyro is usually assisted by his Little Helper who is a microbot. Sometimes Huey Dewey and Louie help Gyro with his inventions. Gyro has invented the time machine that brought back Bubba the Caveduck and Fenton Crackshell's Gizmo Duck Suit. Gyro once had a run in with Taurus Bulba who stole the Gizmo Duck Suit from him.

Ducktales/Darkwing Duck Comics 2011Edit

In the story Dangerous Currency he and Honker worked on the Gizmo Duck Suit just before Megavolt and The Beagle Boys stole it from them. Later Gyro helped Scrooge and Darkwing save Gizmo Duck from the villains with help from Fenton's mother Mrs Crackshell. He invented an antidote that saved Scrooge's Nephews and Honker from being monsters. He and the kids built a machine that activated a portal that showed where Nega Duck and Morgana were trapped. He appeared in the first three chapters but not the last one for some strange reason.

Gyro's LaboratoryEdit

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In other countries, Gyro Gearloose has the following names:

  • Arab World: عبقرينو
  • Belgium: Gyro Gyroscope
  • Brazil: Prof. Pardal
  • Bulgaria: Хари Хлопдъск
  • Canada (Québec): Gyro Gearloose
  • Chile: Giro Sintornillos
  • China: 吉罗
  • Colombia: Ciro Peraloca ("Gyro Pear-head")
  • Czech: Šikula
  • Denmark: Georg Gearløs
  • Estonia: Leidur Leo
  • Finland: Pelle Peloton ("Gyro Fearless")
  • France: Géo Trouvetou(t), Gyro Sanfrein (Geo Discover-everything, Gyro Without-brakes)
  • Germany: Daniel Düsentrieb
  • Greece: Κύρος Γρανάζης
  • Hungary: Szaki Dani
  • Iceland: Georg Gírlausi
  • Indonesia: Lang Ling Lung
  • Italy: Archimede Pitagorico
  • Japan: ジャイロ・ギアルース (Jairo Giarūsu)
  • Korea: 자이로 기어루스(Jairo Gieoruseu)
  • Latvia: Bruno Bezbremze
  • Lithuania: Sriegis Bevaržtis
  • Mexico: Ciro Peraloca
  • Norway: Petter Smart, Goggen Skrueløs
  • Netherlands: Willie Wortel
  • Poland: Diodak
  • Portugal: Prof. Pardal
  • Russia: Винт Разболтайло
  • Serbia: Proka Pronalazač
  • Slovakia: Gyro Vynálezca
  • Slovenia: Professor Umnik
  • Spain: Ungenio Tarconi
  • Sweden: Oppfinnar-Jocke
  • Ukraine: Гвинт Розгвинтайло
  • UK: Gyro Gearloose