Golden Fleece
Golden Fleece 01


Scrooge McDuck(current),the Harpies(former)

Featuring Story

No refunds, no returns

Before return place

Scrooge McDuck Collection Museum

First Appearance

Many Happy Returns

Last Appearance

No refunds, no returns

The Golden Fleece is one of the valuable artficacts that Scrooge McDuck has collected over the years. After Scrooge makes his bet with Rockerduck , he tries to give the fleece back to the Harpies from who he took it from in the past. At the story of the forth issue of Ducktales No refunds, no returns, the Harpies attacked Scrooge McDuck and the others and almost destroy the Golden Fleece, cutting it in small pieces ,but they stop attacking when a fierce dragon appears and they fly away. The Ducks return to the plane and leave and that exact time the Beagle Boys appear and it appears that the Harpies are going after them.