Golden Coat
Golden Coat


Scrooge McDuck

Placed in

Scrooge McDuck Collection Museum

First Appearance

Many Happy Returns

Last Appearance

Many Happy Returns

The Golden Coat is a coat made from Gold and it's very cold, thing stated by Scrooge himself. It came from Colchis. It is now an artifact at Scrooge's Museum Collection.

Golden Coat DiscussionEdit

Dewey: "That sure is a nice looking coat"
Louie: "Nice as ice, Dewey"
Huey: "Yeah Unca Scrooge likes gold as much as anyone, but even he couldn't wear it!"
Scrooge: "That's right boys. Gold can warm yer heart, but not yer body. Imagine my surprise when I found that out."
Scrooge and the boys[src]