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This wikia is dedicated to the Ducktales comics produced by Kaboom and everything new about Ducktales. The wiki will now feature the Duckatales Game DuckTales: Remastered!Feel free to help if you want.

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DuckTales is back! The hit Disney Afternoon TV show makes a splash this month as an all-new, original ongoing comic book series! This is the latest and greatest of the Disney Afternoon Revolution that "might solve a mystery," but will definitely "rewrite history"! Capcom announced today at their PAX East panel that they're resurrecting the beloved DuckTales platformer. Developed by Wayforward and Capcom, DuckTales: Remastered is something of a remake based on the original Nintendo version of DuckTales. It'll be out this summer for Xbox Live, PSN, and Wii U.

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