Dangerous Currency, Part 4
Darkwing Duck -18 cover
Issue Information
Issue 18
Published Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Written by Ian Brill
Artists James Silvani
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Dangerous Currency, Part 3



Dangerous Currency, Part 4 is the conclusion to the Dangerous Currency and 18 issue of the Darkwing Duck Comic Series published by Kaboom (Studios).

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(W) Ian Brill (A) James Silvani Final Issue! Dangerous Currency, Part 4. The epic Darkwing Duck/DuckTales crossover event concludes right here! This is it fans, the last Disney single issue from KABOOM! has arrived. It's the end of an era as we say goodbye to Disney at KABOOM! Don't miss this landmark final issue from the relationship that put kids comics back on the map!


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