Dangerous Currency, Part 3
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Issue Information
Issue 6
Published Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Written by Warren Spector
Artists Jose Massaroli & Magic Eye Studios
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Dangerous Currency, Part 3 is the conclusion of the Dangerous Currency at Ducktales 6th issue of the Ducktales Comic Series published by Kaboom (Studios).

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Final Issue! Dangerous Currency, Part 3. The Darkwing Duck/DuckTales crossover event twenty years in the making heats up right here! Following the events of Darkwing Duck #17, Uncle Scrooge and Darkwing Duck discover the source of all the chaos in Duckburg and St. Canard. But will this less than dynamic duo be able to concentrate on the task at hand when skinflint Scrooge finds a way to turn a profit? Only Epic Mickey's Warren Spector has the answers! Concluded in Darkwing Duck #18, out this month!


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