Dangerous Currency, Part 2
Darkwing Duck -17 cover
Issue Information
Issue 17
Published Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Written by Ian Brill
Artists James Silvani
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Danger rides on Dark wings


Dangerous Currency, Part 3

Dangerous Currency, Part 2 is the 17 issue of the Darkwing Duck Comic Series published by Kaboom (Studios).

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(W) Ian Brill (A) James Silvani Dangerous Currency, Part 2. The Darkwing Duck/DuckTales crossover event twenty years in the making picks up from DuckTales #5 here! Whatever happened to Fenton Crackshell, the original Gizmoduck? Darkwing Duck and visiting Duckburg tycoon Scrooge McDuck intend to find out - that is, if they don't disappear themselves! It's the end of an era as KABOOM! says goodbye this month to Disney in a final epic story spanning Darkwing Duck #17, DuckTales #6 and Darkwing Duck #18.


Part 2 picks up exactly where the last left off. Scrooge forms a plan on how they will take on Magica, who is holed up in the Quackwerks building. He, Darkwing, and Gyro will sneak in, while Launchpad and the kids are told to stay there and research the slime as much as possible. Darkwing is annoyed that he's being pushed around in his own city, but goes along with Scrooge's plan, but he knows how they will sneak in. A panel later, after the three of them have crashed though the penthouse window, Scrooge and Darkwing fight over the meaning of subtlety. Finding a box labeled "SECRET PLANS," Darkwing opens it to find A Quackerjack doll.

A moment later, the sprinklers activate and cover the room with the slime, just as the three heroes duck under a table for cover. Once it stops, they look out to see that Quackerjack is not only alive again, but is now a jack-in-the-box tank creature. Its pretty nightmarish really. Liquidator shows up as well, and he looks the same except being bigger and having cannon arms that shoot scalding hot water and freezing cold water. Also, Megavolt's there. As this fight ensues, we follow Launchpad and the kids as they walked the transformed streets, being attacked by all sorts of things, including a lamp post which Gosalyn makes quick work of.

All the boys comment on how cool and cute Gos is. It gets a little awkward, but that's quickly cut away from as we catch up with Scrooge, Gyro, and Darkwing as they escape the building to the vine covered outer walls and windows. Although they try and climb, they are tangled in the vines by Bushroot who is apparently more powerful, but its never really explained. Darkwing shoots him in the face with a gas gun and the three manage to escape. Meanwhile, the kids are in a cave, following the slime and find a whole lake of it. The four boys, in a n effort to impress Gos try and reach in to get a sample, but they all accidentally fall in, leaving Webby and Gos with Launchpad. Scrooge, Gyro and Darkwing hide out in the most boring un-evil place in the Quackwerks building: Darkwing's old office before he started crimefighting again. Darkwing and Scrooge argue the cost and benefit of working a job to support your loved ones, and I really enjoyed how real this gets for a second. Scrooge gets a bad rap at times for his stinginess, but he shows some genuine care, and honestly some humility as he acknowledges that he won't be around for much longer. Its kinda sad. The moment is killed quickly as they hear someone calling for help. They find Gizmoduck chained up, but before they can free him, all the villians- The Big Beagle Boy, Quackerjack, Bushroot, Megavolt, Liquidator, the League of Eve-il, and the Phantom Blot- arrive and cover the floor with slime. The three heroes quickly jump to safety on some furniture, but they can't save Gizmoduck who falls into the Slime and transforms into Monster Gizmoduck.

The heroes are almost taken out and Gyro nearly falls in, but is saved by Darkwing, as Scrooge calls the mysterious Agent 44 to initiate Operation: Motherlode. While they fend off the crazed Gizmoduck, the four Darkwing villains are annoyed that they can't be the ones to take on Darkwing and that the Blot is only out for himself, despite using other people's power, which reminds them of someone else they know... (foreshadowing). The Eve-il group is also annoyed that a man is taking the lead. Darkwing is grabbed and about to be eaten by Gizmoduck, when something falls out of the sky landing on Gizmo's head: a grumpy woman, on a couch, in curlers and watching television. Its Mrs. Crackshell, Fenton's mother. She berates him for a couple pages and he snaps out of the evil mode, and apologizes. The Blot gets pissed and goes to plan B: Sending in the supervillains.

Gizmoduck manages to fight them off and get Scrooge, Darkwing, Gyro, and his mother out to safety, only to find that the city is being terrorized by giant monster versions of the boys. End of Part two.

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