Crown of Genghis Khan


Scrooge McDuck(current),Chief Gu(former)

Featuring Story

No refunds, no returns

Before return place

Scrooge McDuck Collection Museum

First Appearance

Many Happy Returns

Last Appearance

No refunds, no returns

The Crown of Genghis Khan is one of the valuable artficacts that Scrooge McDuck has collected over the years. After Scrooge makes his bet with Rockerduck , he tries to return it to it's original place. They arrive in Ghaspan Gulp Plateu and they are confronted by the Beagle Boys who attent to steal the Crown with of an other viilain and that of a in love Yeti, Chief Gu. But, all the efforts of the Beagle Boys to steal the Crown failed and Chief Gu and Scrooge made a deal giving her Webby's bow and his staff. Finally, the Crown returned to Sherpas. But, at the end of the story No refunds, no returns we see that one of the mountain villagers gives the Crown of Genghis Khan back to Scrooge, since he believes that the tourists cause much trouble.