Candy Striped Ruby
Candy-stipped ruby 1


Scrooge McDuck(current),King Fulla Pep(former)

Featuring Story

Ruby or not Ruby?

Before return place

Scrooge McDuck Collection Museum

First Appearance

Many Happy Returns

Last Appearance

No refunds, no returns

Candy-Striped Ruby is one of the valuable artficacts that Scrooge McDuck has collected over the years. After Scrooge makes his bet with Rockerduck , he tries to return it to it's original place. However, when they arrive in Rippan Taro ,the villainous Camille Chameleon disguised as King's Fulla Cola son with the help of Beagle Boys tries to steal it for her own. At the end the ruby is being given back to King Fulla Cola. However, at the story No refunds, no returns we see that king Fulla Cola gives Candy Striped Ruby back to Scrooge, since he thinks that it's too expensive repairing damage from adventures like his.