Bushroot is one of Darkwing Duck's Enemies. He is a mutant plant duck. In his first appearance he switched his DNA with a Lyceum Nycanthropus Plant. He tried to turn Rhoda Dendron into a mutant plant duck. But Darkwing Duck and his sidekick Launchpad McQuack foiled his plans. Sometimes Bushroot is a member of the Fearsome Five or Fearsome Four in the most recent comics. He is voiced by Tino Insana.

Ducktales/Drakwing Duck Comics 2011Edit

In Dangerous Currency he tried to stop Darkwing, Scrooge, and Gyro from getting in the Quackwerks Building but he didn't succeed. Later he and the rest of the Fearsome Four and The Beagle Boys tried to get their hands on the Gizmo Duck Suit. Bushroot and the rest of the four were defeated before Nega Duck showed up.

Slime effectEdit

For his slime powered up counterpart look at the article Super Bushroot.